What To Do After Suffering Injuries In A Truck Crash Caused By A Tire Burst

After a collision caused by a burst tire, you can always take certain measures to increase your chances of getting compensated. Therefore, it would be best to contact a lawyer immediately after the collision for guidance on what to do. They may recommend the following measures to protect yourself and increase your chances of getting your rightful settlement.

Measures To Take at The Crash Scene

Start by moving your vehicle to a safe place to prevent another accident and additional injuries. Then, call for help if you and other people involved in the crash are severely hurt. Your attorney may also advise you to contact the authorities, take photos of the scene, and get contact details of anyone who witnessed the accident. Additionally, they may caution you against sharing incriminating information when talking to witnesses, other drivers, or insurance representatives.

Measures To Take After Leaving the Crash Scene

After leaving the crash scene, your top priority should be your recovery. Therefore, hiring a lawyer for your case as you recover is advisable. The lawyer will handle each aspect of your case, including thoroughly investigating the crash and identifying the cause of the tire blowout. They might also get witnesses and professional crash reconstructionists to determine whether the tire was defective and who contributed to the defect. Culprits in such cases may include the auto shop management, the company that owns the truck, the manufacturer of the defective tire, and other third parties.

Generally, the perpetrators in truck crashes should take full responsibility for the losses in the collision. Therefore, your attorney may file claims with their insurance providers. They can then negotiate with the insurance agents for a settlement covering your current and future financial losses. Additionally, if both sides do not agree on a settlement, your lawyer can help you sue those at fault. In this case, your lawyer can provide evidence regarding how your injuries may impact you in the future and the need to get substantial payment for your damages. 

Remember that you must make your claim within a specified time after being involved in a truck crash caused by a tire burst. Therefore, if you have sustained severe injuries in this type of accident, contact a truck accident injury attorney immediately. Doing so will enable them to put together a strong case and file a claim at the right time to ensure that you don't lose your right to compensation.

For more information, contact a truck accident lawyer near you.

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