Collisions Caused By Distracted Driving: Essential Information You Need Before Seeking Justice

Most motorists are careful when driving and follow all traffic rules. However, certain issues arise when operating a vehicle, like when a driver becomes distracted by their phone or tries to reach for their beverage when driving, making them lose concentration on the road. These behaviors and any other activity a driver undertakes other than driving on the road are unlawful. Therefore, you are entitled to compensation if you're involved in a collision caused by a distracted driver. Here's some essential information you need before seeking justice after such an incident.

What the Law States about Distracted Driving

The law prohibits drivers from taking part in activities that take their eyes and mind off the road when driving. For example, using a cell phone when operating a vehicle is a serious offense with almost zero defense in court. Any motorist who wishes to make a call should use their earpiece, smartwatch, or the car's Bluetooth. However, even when using these devices, taking a call when driving is illegal in many states. The same applies to drivers using GPS, as they cannot input new information as long as their vehicle is on the move.

Your Rights When You're Involved in a Collision

If you're involved in a collision caused by a distracted driver, they should take full responsibility for the crash. Therefore, you can take legal action against the wrongdoer and hold them accountable for the crime. However, proving such a case can be challenging, making it essential to work with a car accident lawyer. They will investigate the crash and collect compelling evidence to build a strong case.

The Defenses the Wrongdoer Might Raise

Most judges do not offer drivers a lenient judgment even if they raise different arguments to prove their innocence regarding distracted driving. They do this to discourage other motorists from engaging in distracting activities when driving. However, drivers still get a chance to defend themselves in court because it is their constitutional right. Therefore, the motorist who caused your crash could get an opportunity to raise arguments to defend themselves. For instance, they might argue that you could have reacted faster to prevent the collision. Your lawyer can dispute this argument by presenting evidence showing that there was no way you could have prevented the accident.

Distracted driving is against the law, and you are entitled to justice when you're involved in a crash caused by such actions. However, you may want to enlist the services of a lawyer dealing with car crash claims to assist you in prosecuting the wrongdoer.  

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