Commercial Vehicle Wreck Claims: When The Insurer Assigns You Blame For The Accident

Commercial vehicle wrecks lead to devastating consequences for everyone involved. As a victim, you generally expect that you will recover from the incident and that the insurer will compensate you fully for the injuries and damages. 

However, sometimes insurers might seek to assign you fault for the crash. Therefore, it is advisable to understand all the valid reasons why the insurer might find you liable and also where they might wrongly accuse you. The best way to handle this situation is with the help of a commercial vehicle wreck attorney. 

Valid Reasons for Getting Partial Fault

If you broke a traffic rule before the crash happened, or you were negligent on the road, the insurer might have the right to assign you to blame. Note that partially causing an auto accident might reduce the amount of money you receive as compensation. 

For example, if you ran a red light or were texting when another vehicle rammed into you, the insurer has a right to find you partially responsible for the crash. Likewise, having a broken tail light and speeding might lead to you partially getting blamed for the accident. So, it is best to consult an experienced auto accident lawyer about these circumstances to determine whether you were at fault. 

When You are Wrongly Assigned Fault

There are also other instances where the insurer can wrongfully seek to assign fault for the accident. For example, it is wrong to drive without a license or an expired one. Getting arrested for this could lead to fines and even jail time. However, driving with an expired license does not automatically mean you were reckless on the road. As long as you follow the traffic rules, there is no need to assign fault. 

Another case is when you are not wearing a seatbelt before the commercial vehicle accident. Constantly wearing the belt reduces the risk of serious injury. However, not wearing one does not negate the role of the negligent party in the accident. A lawyer will help you determine when the insurer wrongly assigns fault.

Resolving Wrongful Fault Assignment

The majority of auto accident cases get an out-of-court settlement. However, sometimes the circumstances might warrant taking the claim to the courts. Your auto accident attorney will assess the case and help you decide the ideal way to handle the insurer.

Get a consultation about your fault in a commercial vehicle accident case before filing a claim. Legal advice will help you avoid losing money in cases where you are not partially liable for the accident.

For more information, contact commercial vehicle wreck attorneys near you.

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