Simplifying Your Claim by Retaining a Workers Compensation Attorney

After you get hurt at work, you may be confused about what actions to take to protect your own best interests. You are unsure if you should use your own health insurance to cover your medical costs. You also are not sure how much time that you have to file a report and claim with your employer.

Instead of taking the wrong action and jeopardizing your case, you can hire a lawyer to advise you during the process. You can benefit by putting a workers compensation attorney on retainer immediately.

Filing a Timely Claim

Your workers compensation attorney can tell you right away when and how to make a report with your employer. You will need to file a report with the human resources manager before you can lay claim to benefits that can pay for your immediate medical expenses. You cannot have a medical facility bill your employer for your treatment without first notifying the HR manager about your accident and injury.

If you fear making this report because of possible reprisal, you can make it through your workers compensation attorney. Your lawyer can notify the employer on your behalf and put the company on alert that you plan on having its insurance company pay for your injury-related medical treatments.

Pursuing Short-Term Disability Benefits

Your workers compensation attorney can also file for short term disability benefits on your behalf. You may be afraid to pursue these benefits because you fear losing your job. You also worry that your employer could transfer you to another department or demote you.

However, your workers compensation attorney can pursue these benefits while protecting your job. He or she can monitor your employer and make sure that it acts ethically and legally toward you. If your lawyer suspects reprisals against you, he or she can file a lawsuit to hold the employer accountable.

Finally, your workers compensation attorney can assist you in filing for long-term disability if you cannot go back to work because of a permanent injury. Your employer may be liable for paying out most or all of your long term disability benefits. Your lawyer can make sure that the company pays out your claims quickly and without contention.

A workers compensation attorney can provide critical services to injured workers. He or she can notify the employer of your injury. Your lawyer can also pursue short or long-term benefits. Schedule a consultation to get started.

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