Can The COVID-19 Pandemic Impact Your Accident Claim?

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting all areas of life. If you get into a car accident and need to pursue an auto accident claim, the pandemic can also cause issues in this process. The following are some ways the COVID-19 pandemic can impact your auto accident claim:

You May Encounter Delays

Many personal injury cases may need to go to court for a final settlement if you cannot reach an acceptable deal with the insurance company. If this happens, chances are you will have to wait longer than normal for a court date. Courts have delayed many personal injury cases at this time to help reduce the spread of the virus. For that reason, it will take longer for you to receive a settlement for your injuries.

You May Have Difficulty Getting a Doctor's Appointment

Seeing the doctor after a car accident is a crucial part of an accident claim. You need verified documentation from a doctor that shows you suffered injuries during the accident in order to receive compensation for those injuries. Unless you are in a life-or-death situation, you may have to wait longer than you normally would for an appointment. You may even have to have a video conference appointment. Although this may be helpful, it can be difficult to properly diagnose injuries this way because you will likely need imaging tests and a hands-on physical exam.

You May Have to Pay for Your Own Injuries

Because of significant job loss, many individuals have to find ways to drastically reduce expenses. One of those ways may be to decrease their auto insurance coverage. This could leave many drivers underinsured. If you get into an accident with an underinsured driver, you stand to have to cover some of your own damages because the driver's insurance will not pay you for whole compensation. Sadly, many people are not able to pay their insurance premiums at all because of the pandemic and job losses. If they choose to drive anyway and get into an accident with you, you will have a difficult time receiving any sort of compensation without a personal injury lawsuit.

The COVID-19 pandemic can cause a variety of issues if you get into a car accident. If you are having trouble getting compensation for your damages sustained in an accident with another driver, be sure to contact a car accident attorney like one at Schonberg Law Offices for assistance with your claim.

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