Shockingly, Many Truck Drivers Fall Asleep Behind The Wheel

Millions of trucks are driving across the United States, and some of these drivers are pushed to their absolute limits. While you drive past countless commercial drivers without realizing it, it only takes one driver falling asleep behind the wheel for your life to be put in danger. After a commercial vehicle accident, you will need the help of a commercial vehicle wreck attorney to seek the compensation you deserve.

Loss of Sleep and Accidents

By not getting enough sleep, many drivers are not as alert and are more likely to make mistakes. For example, a commercial truck driver might not realize that there's another vehicle in their blind spot. This can lead to accidents that otherwise would not occur. By being sleep deprived, the driver will have a much slower reaction time. This is especially a problem when the truck is traveling at a high speed down a highway. 

Truck Driving Regulations

Regulations are supposed to govern how much time a driver can remain on the road. However, truck driving is considered an on-the-clock business. This means that shipments are expected to arrive at a specific time. However, this is no excuse for a driver to be negligent. 

Driving while drowsy is similar to driving while under the influence. As a result, regulators have created mandates that truck drivers must follow despite efforts by the trucking industry to fight these regulations. For example, a truck driver is not allowed to drive for longer than 14 hours without resting. They must not drive more than 70 hours in an eight-day period. 

Even when drivers follow regulations, they may still be exhausted because they may still be driving for 11 hours on a particular day. Therefore, your commercial vehicle wreck attorney will need to demonstrate that the truck driver was negligent and that this negligence was responsible for the accident. 

Late Night Accidents

You are at the greatest risk of an accident when driving at night. This is because nighttime is the most natural time for a driver to sleep. As it gets dark out, the driver is more likely to not see you as well. 

Commercial Wreck Litigation

After a commercial wreck, you will be entitled to seek compensation for your injuries with the help of a commercial vehicle wreck attorney. Regardless of whether the driver was negligent or their employer was pushing them too far, both parties may be at fault for the accident, and you deserve to be compensated.

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