Tips For What To Do If You Are Injured In A Hit And Run

Normally when you are in a car accident, the other driver gets out of the vehicle and exchanges information. But in some scenarios, the other driver might try to hit and run. Whether they hit your vehicle and then took off or actually clipped you as you were walking down the street as a pedestrian, it's clear that they don't intend to face consequences for their actions. Luckily for you though, not all hope is lost. Here's what to do after you are injured in a hit and run accident.

Contact the Police Before You Do Anything Else

This might seem like common sense, but it's worth stating. If you are still in a usable car after you are hit, your first instinct might be to try and chase after the other driver. But doing this is more likely to get you into further trouble, like hitting someone else while trying to chase the first driver at a high speed. What you really need to do in this situation is take a deep breath, stay at the scene and contact the police. If anyone is going to do any chasing, it should be them. At the very least, a phone call will get you a police report and possibly start an investigation.

Jot Down What You Remember and Make Note of What Is Around You

While a hit and run can happen very fast, you likely remember at least something about what happened. You might not have the driver's plate number, but surely you know the color of the car. You might not be a car expert who knows if it was a specific brand and model, but you can likely describe it as a four-door sedan or an SUV and so on. Beyond that, pay attention to what is around you. If there are bystanders, ask them to stay until the cops come. If there are local businesses, there might be security cameras in the area that caught what happened.

Get Medical Attention

If you are indeed injured, you also need to make sure that the injury is taken care of the same day with professional medical help. Don't get so caught up in trying to chase down or figure out who hit you that you neglect your injuries. If the hit and run driver is found, you will need documentation for your personal injury case.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

For best results after a hit and run accident that leaves you in pain, contact a local personal injury attorney for assistance. He or she may help you investigate to find the culprit or will otherwise make sure you are prepared to seek a settlement or head to court once the person is found

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